Le Grand Gosier

Based in Paris, Le Grand Gosier was a non-profit organization that promotes artistic creation and expression of creative ideas by presenting collaborative and diverse forms of works.

With the overall purpose being a different medium of expression and diffusion - presented like Cracker Jack - these letters include the works of several authors, illustrators and artists, all inspired and created around one single theme :

# 1: the First times,
# 2 : Adultery,
# 3 : a chromatic constraint : Use only white, red and blue,
# 4 : Injury letters and emails people receive 

Whether these works are photographs, booklets, short texts, prints, folios, volumes, DVDs or CDs, etc., the main idea is to invite the readers to discover a surprising and inventive form of publishing - each time different.

Everything is hand made and hand binded.
Self-publishing and limited edition.

Le Grand Gosier won the Paris Jeunes Talents Prize of the Mairie de Paris in 2013.

Camille Gautier, Clara Hautecoeur, Alexandra Maignan et Lou Svahn

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